The Collective

Hunting Dog. Richmond, Virginia.

Hunting Dog helps with organizing benefit shows and recruiting. Their live music sets are mesmerizing musical magic and a casting of spells. They are doing something special and unique with their music and if you get a chance to hear them live, you absolutely must. Here’s a live set from Nancy’s Godless Goddess release show back in January.

Backxwash. Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Backxwash helps with promotion, recruiting, general advice, and our website. We met her through her Twitter and discovered her killer music and checked out her music video for F.R.E.A.K.S. and you should too. We asked her if she would be interested in releasing and/or joining and we’re so glad she’s a part of our collective. Look for a release from her in July 2019.

Quinn Wolf. Springfield, MO.

Quinn helps with promotion and recruiting. She was looking for a community collective of like-minded artists and musicians to work with and support and reached out to us via email. Quinn helped create the soundtrack for the Transhaping video game, where “you go on a journey through a shapes life as they realize they were not born who they truly are and follow them as they transition into who they want to be.” She’s also a member of a podcast team and runs Luminous Studios. Quinn discussed doing a segment on Grimalkin in the near future to help us get out word about what we do. We’re excited to have her on board and release her music hopefully by the end of this year or early next year!

Osser V Smith, a.k.a. Peter Pierpont. Richmond, Virginia.

Osser helps organize benefit shows and helps with promotion, recruiting, and artwork for merch, posters and releases. He is a visual artist as well as a musician, and you can find a couple videos he made on his YouTube channel. This is one of our favorites and it’s got a a real Legendary Pink Dots vibe to it: The Land In The Sky Above.

Elizabeth Owens. Richmond, Virginia.

Liz does graphic design for the label and designs artwork for releases when needed, helps with the daily logistical tasks, promotion and outreach, and organizing shows. Their album, Coming of Age, was the label’s first cassette release in September 2018. We plan to do a lathe cut 7” later this year of two new songs. They also have a new project, Receiver, with dear friend Micah Barry and plan to have something out by next year.

Sarmistha Talukdar, a.k.a. Tavishi. Richmond, Virginia.

Sarmistha is a scientist, visual artist, and musician, and founding member of Womajich Dialyseiz, a queer improv noise collective. They help with organizing benefit shows and designing artwork for releases and events. Sarmistha plans to do a release with us later this year and currently has an amazing Tavishi album out with Chinabot. Sarmistha does a lot community outreach through various projects and organizations they are involved with and brings a lot of their experience to help advise us on the work we do with Grimalkin.

Heaven Imanchinello. Richmond, Virgina.

Heaven is involved in several community projects that help people in Richmond. including Great Dismal, which hosts and books benefit shows and supports local and touring musicians. They help with recruiting bands and musicians and with organizing shows and with giving us general advice. Heaven is also in Womajich Dialyseiz and curated our live set release.

Armand Martina Fortin Jonas, a.k.a. MELVL. Portsmouth, Virginia.

Armand helps with recruiting bands and musicians and organizing benefit shows. They also serve on the board of The Transgender Assistance Program of Virginia. We hosted a benefit show and released one of Armand Martina’s live sets to support that organization this past March, and are expecting a full length cassette release later this year.

Berko Lover. Baltimore, Maryland.

Berko met founding member Nancy Kells through organizing one of the compilations we put out as Friends For Equality. She’s been supportive of the work we are doing and helps with recruitment as well. Berko also has several other music projects, such as So Nice Yesterday, and her own food show.

Out now: MERGE (collaboration with Spartan Jet-Plex): full length on cassette and 2 singles Kingdom Comedown & Thunder are out on lathe cut. Proceeds from the release in part support the label.

Molly Kate Rodriguez, a.k.a. kate can wait. Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

M. Kate helps with recruiting, and in fact, suggested another one of our members, Mabel Harper, who joined us not too long ago. Kate may also help us by hosting our blog and possibly writing reviews of albums in the near future. We are excited at the prospect of having a music related blog. Her album, Howl Youth, was just released this February on cassette and an EP is also out on 7” lathe cut. Proceeds from cassettes support the True Self Foundation in Puerto Rico.

Mabel Harper, a.k.a. Don’t Do It, Neil. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mabel and has a variety of music and writing projects, and helps with recruiting bands, artwork and graphic design, and mastering releases. She also is planning on curating a compilation album for the label in the near future. Mabel is currently working on a new Don’t Do It, Neil, album and we are planning to release it late June Proceeds for cassettes will go to No More Dysphoria.

Nancy Kells, a.k.a. Spartan Jet-Plex. Richmond, Virginia.

Nancy is the founding member of Grimaklin and has a variety of music collaborations. Their album, Godless Goddess, was released through Grimalkin in January of 2019. The full length is on cassette and the 2 singles are out on lathe cut. They facilitate Grimalkin Records by handling most of the day-in, day-out tasks such as email, promotion, press, social media, booking and organizing shows, mailing and organizing of orders. In addition to that, they purchase everything needed for the label, hand dub the tapes, and payout proceeds to the various organizations we support.

All proceeds for Nancy’s releases on Grimalkin and their personal Bandcamp help fund future physical releases for the label.